Hi, I’m Sarah. I started working at the Ripley salon at the age of 16, 34 years ago “wow”.

I’ve got to say I love it as much as I did then.

I enjoy working on the salon floor, looking after my fantastic guests as well as managing the most amazing team of people.

I love learning new things, especially new products and I feel I have the wealth of knowledge to advise my guests what they need to look just as fabulous at home as they do when they leave the salon and to meet all of their scalp and hair care needs.

I also enjoy cutting, creating and maintaining beautiful shapes ready for the brilliant, talented colour specialist to add a fusion or touch of colour to reach total perfection.

I love working for KH Hair, I think if you chopped me in half I would have KH Hair running through my middle. I am very proud of not only my salon but the company I work for and what we stand for, create and produce everyday.

If you’d have to choose a favourite food what would it be?
There’s not much I don’t like!

If you could be any animal what would it be?
Put it this way, if I’d not have been a hairdresser I’d have most likely worked with animals!

Mental Awareness
Sarah has recently completed an awareness course through The Lions Barber Collective which is an international collection of top barbers and stylists that have come together to help raise awareness for the prevention of suicide.