Hello I’m Dion and I’m a full time stylist at KH Hair Ripley working Tuesday-Saturday.

I have been working at this lovely salon for the past 6 years and I honestly couldn’t wish for a nicer team to work for in such an amazing salon!

I love learning new things and jump at any opportunities to go on courses to expand my knowledge. I am currently attending a my Master Colour Degree course! This is a premium course going into depth of the structure of all different types of hair, offer new services and improve all colouring skills.

In the salon I pride myself in being a nanokeratin specialist. This is beneficial to everyone, however mainly targeted at ladies who spend hours on their hair, straightening and styling to remove frizz. We class this as a smoothing treatment for your hair which helps to protect against environmental elements, stopping frizz, giving you more manageability and even quicker drying time! Nanokeratin products contain all premium natural ingredients leaving your hair feeling healthier and softer!

I’d describe myself as having an outgoing personality and I always like to push to be the best version of myself! Meeting new clients and giving them the best advise on colour changes, styles and home care, then seeing the changes and benefits is the best feeling for me. Change is my favourite colour, even if it’s the slightest change to highlight your features!

What is my favourite food?
That is a hard one! I eat anything in sight if I’m honest.. but I LOVE a wine and cheese night, nothing compares!

If you had to choose, what animal would I be and why?
I would say a dolphin because my favourite place to be is the sea! Also dolphins are kind, intelligent and spiritual.